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I love your blog & I'm so glad that you are posting. I missed seeing all the GREAT posts on Afrobangala...but you are back! So happy that you are... & I love seeing all your posts!! I always look forward to your postings. Thank you for having a GREAT blog!!!

Thank you! Imma here to stay :-)

Are there any videos of the encounters you post? Where can I find them? Especially the one with that really big guy who asked u to dress like a girl?

Hi, I have 400 or 500 videos (spy cam) with me and my straight encounters. But I cannot leak them since I don’t know how to blur their faces. Once I can edit them, I will be able to share them and keep the guys anonymous.

I told this straight guy I wanted him to fuck me. He said: “OK only if you’re dressed like a girl”. I said:” No probs.”

He came to my place and: WOW. I just couldn’t believe it.

Everything on him was huge! His body and his dick.

He fucked me so hard and loved it. He’s already come back twice. Can’t wait for the next time.


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